Sunday, December 29, 2019

Evaluation Of A Project For Eciv 405, Fall Side Of The...

Plan of Attack Summary of Project The term project for ECIV 405, Fall 2014 Semester, is the Jake Jabs College of Business Entrepreneurship (JJCBE). JJCBE will be constructed in the northeast side of the campus at Montana State University, Bozeman. The building site is north of Wilson Hall, east of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Building, and about 500 feet north of Montana Hall. JJCBE is expected to attain LEED Gold status at the completion of the project, which is very exciting for Montana State University. The existing project site is relatively flat, existing utilities need to be moved, trees need to be cut down, and pavement needs to be cut before construction can commence. Team Member Responsibilities Our team consists of Andrew†¦show more content†¦Our team will keep work hours strictly to 7AM -5PM with students’ dormitories close by. Time of Day delivery restrictions could also apply given campus activities. Keeping an aggressive schedule, staying ahead of schedule, and planning work far in advance will assist so that these restrictions do not hit unexpectedly. Weather Weather in Montana can be very unpredictable at times. Snow comes early, and stays late. Our team will work in proactive means to prevent delays to the schedule. As we near winter months, we will also account for longer lead times to receive materials so we are not delayed from deliveries, only installation deliveries with unexpected weather. University Traffic Protection of the public is crucial throughout the entirety of the project. Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship is being constructed on a very busy campus, in a populated area. Controlling and detouring traffic, people, and parking around the site properly will be of grave concern. The entire construction site will be enclosed in 6 ft. high chain link fence and where pedestrian safety is exclusively endangered outside this area, barricades will be placed to inform persons of possible safety hazards. If any visitors are brought to the project site, proper safety orientation will be successfully completed and they will wear proper PPE. Crane Operations

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